I need to kick Cancer in the Bum Again!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017
It has been six years now and I was doing pretty good. I have been side tracked with my health and diets. Now, I need to kick cancer in the butt with a vengeance. Seriously, cancer sucks real hard. I can't believe the cancer is spreading in my bones again and made way to my lungs. WTF I can't believe that. 

It is true you have to be consistence with alternative medicines. There are so many cancer diets out there you just need to chose a regime and believe in what would work for you.

I was pretty successful with juicing and Budwig diet. Less meat/poultry, no sugar, and no processed foods. If I do crave for meats/poultry it must be organic. Some cheat days. :) But since moving to San Diego, I have been having too many cheat days! Totally not good and I need to be more careful. It is so tough, but I know I can do it.

The next steps is to increase my intake of micro-nutrients, juicing everyday, check out essential oils, and daily exercise!   

I also have the equipment for coffee enemas. I will try that too. I heard good benefits of this will post about it later. Along with the essential oils. 


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