Life after Graduation

Monday, April 6, 2015
Yeah that happened back in December 2014! My long journey to complete my bachelors degree has come to an end. I am very proud of myself! Don't think I will go back to school to get my Masters anytime soon...

I took a mini break afterwards and flew out to Los Angeles to look for work. It has been very challenging to find work in the entertainment industry, even if you have great networks in the industry.

I searched every day for new job postings and applied for work at the many major studio websites and still looking. No call back and not even an e-mail to turn me down. It is mainly for Marketing or Assistant jobs. I'll  just keep thinking I am over qualified or my salary expectations are too high. I will not give up for sure! Hoping the stars will align for opportunities in film industry in the future.

In the mean time I have been dabbling with illustrations and drawing on my free time. As well has putting together a business plan for a business I want to get into, it is top secret for now.



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