2015: First Treatment and follow up

Thursday, February 19, 2015
Well today's visit was not that exciting it was depressing...
The tumor markers have gone up the last three visits. Which means there will be a new treatment plan.
Current: Zometa ( IV Infusion), Arimidex (Daily Pills), and Leuprolide (2 shots)- once every three months, no serious side effects other than hot flashes and weight gain.
Options from doctor for change:
A: Zometa, Leuprolide, and Faslodex 500MG (2 shots). Because of this new shot I will need it once a month. As of today I have it get them every two weeks until March. side effects same as current.
B: Zometa, Arimidex, Leuprolide, and another daily pill don't remember name. 1 every three months. Side effects he says that will be annoying for me mouth sores, rashes, fatigue
C: Zometa, Leuprolide, and a new FDA approved drug from two weeks ago, has one patient on for a study. So he doesn't have enough information to give me on this one.
I even asked about removing my ovaries if it will benefit anything. But he said removing ovaries will just be a convenience to eliminate one of the treatments. But you will still need to come in for the others. So really there is no winning here.
I chose option A. Which means I have to stay in Texas.
I asked about my survival chances? Of course no answer... Wonk wonk...
Kind of good news the cancer I have is estrogen receptor positive metastatic breast cancer. It can be treated with hormone therapy for a long time. Hopefully this new one will keep the markers from increasing and under control.
Job hunting has been meh, most of the ones I apply for are online, and most ask if you have a disability or did and Cancer is listed as a disability. You can only answer yes, no, or do not want to answer. Of course they say they don't discriminate... Really like who are you fooling.. Ugh... Would love to find a job that can be flexible and accommodating with my health. I want to work in California, but flying back once a month would be too costly vs flying once every three months which would be doable for me until I find the right employer and job.
The struggle is real.
I cried today out of anger and sadness driving home while listening to crazy in love remix on repeat ok I love that song! =P
Love you and thank you all for your support!


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