3 year boobversary!

Monday, December 30, 2013
Hi hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and prepare yourselves for 2014 for a blessed year, good health, and fortune! I am looking forward to it  

Just want to fill you in on my latest oncology visit, I asked if the tumor marker continues to stay normal if I can I get off treatment. He pretty much said no, if I do the cancer will come back and that I need to be on this treatment indefinitely, and my body is responding well to it. The tumor is gone. If I want to get off treatment, I would have to decide if I want to remove my ovaries or not. I thought about it, and still sitting on the fence, we will see, I will have clearer vision later. I do want to live way beyond 5 years, and beat the statistics and yay happy 3 years this month of survival. Woot!

After I graduate fall 2014 and go on a spiritual journey traveling in 2015, it might help or even help get better and there will be a miracle! Then figure out where I want to live and work after that. Maybe going overseas will keep me there, who knows, I am open to new opportunities. 

Have a nice and sage new years! 


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