Summer is almost over...

Sunday, August 11, 2013
Hi all... 

Been a while with my updates. My travels is coming to and end. I had a blast! Being happy and enjoying life is a good alt. to beating cancer. That's why I cannot wait to go overseas backpacking after graduation. 
My last visit to onco the tumor marker read 40. And you know anything 39 and below is normal!!! So... Hoping it will go down even more, will know in September.
I start school soon and will get back into my alternative treatments with the vitamin C infusion twice a week. I've been looking into the Gerson protocol to get rid of toxic build up in your tubes,that you cant do on your own with fiber, coffee enemas is suppose to be a good, natural and inexpensive way to do! Haha more details later about that. I need to get all the supplies and organic coffee! I saw some graphic videos and wow I can't believe it until I try it!! Well I believe just want to see for myself. Amazing... If you didn't know already I like to and am comfortable talking about poo aka boo boo (just sounds cuter). 

I'm half asleep posting this... Good night love all my nom fans! 



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