You never know how strong you are...until being strong is the only choice you have

When I discovered the unknown lump in my left breast, I knew something was wrong I had a feeling that it was cancer, I tried not to think that it was not but I can’t lie to myself like that. I didn’t know much about breast cancer, until I was assigned to prepare a persuasive speech in front of my speech class. I decided on breast cancer, I didn’t know much about it anyway and did my research. I didn’t have to prepare much or write an outline. I managed to dig deep and talked to the class unscripted. I somehow tied it all to what I was going through from the discovery of the lump and doctor visits to the fact that you or someone you know has been effected by cancer and I am one of them. Even though I didn’t know for sure at the time if I had it or not but I felt that I did. My cheeks trembled fighting back tears and that deep pain in my chest as I talked about my personal life with strangers for the first time it was scary but good it was practice for breaking the news down for my family and friends... after class one of the students came up to me and said I’ll be here for you if you need me... I was so touched by her and to confirmed I am not alone in this journey. As with many people who experience cancer, we’ve all been told we have 5 years to live with stage IV terminal cancer and there’s nothing we can do for you after conventional treatment fails. BUT I believe there IS! There are people out there who live beyond the statistics and have turn over to alternatives to fight cancer for good. That means changing your diet, eating natural foods that keep you alive, have a positive attitude, surround yourself with positive people, and following a spiritual path. I believe healing and restoring my health better than it was before. I pray every day for this cancer to go away. I am able to live normally have the strength to live on with a purpose and believing I am healed!


Summer Updates! What is going on...

Monday, May 20, 2013 2 comments
Finals are done for the Spring '13 semester and finally declared my major in Management. One more year peoples and I am ready to get out of Texas! Find a new doctor and continue to stay healthy, positive, be stress free, and add more laughter in my life.

I was engaged last year, and I am aware it was rushed. I didn't get married right away, thank God! The man I fell in love with was different from what he appeared to be. I should have known thine lover first before saying yes. Everyone has baggage and laundry that needs cleaning to move on, let go blah bah, I was hoping that we could work it out, believing he can change, but it takes two to meet in the middle, and that didn't work so, I am not going to waste my time and energy on someone who doesn't and is not completely honest with you. It was a heartbreaking and negative relationship. My grades were poor and I ended up on probation from the business school, and needed to be on top of everything or else I would have been kicked out, my health was not doing well either, but I kept fighting to stay strong through the mess. I made a decision to move on after spring break, when I was slapped in the face with reality, I decided to do what is right and make my health and happiness a priority then worrying about a dead relationship and someone who doesn't deserve me.

So... now that I am not getting married, I can take my time finishing school and not rush. Take advantage of my free time to travel and visit fam/friends and meet new friends!

Destinations lined up:
Hawaii-Never been
San Diego
New York
and... maybe some where else? I don't have start school until August 28th.

My infusion treatment with the Vitamin C is going well and I have a lot of energy. My cravings for meat and sugar declining. Healthy people make it sound so easy but it is not, it is a struggle man! When you didn't grow up being healthy and eating junk most of your life. I drink a little bit but not much so my liver is clean! I did use something for a while when I couldn't sleep, but now that I have eliminated the negative things... I can rest peacefully and fall asleep, and not stay up until 3-4 in morning!

That is the haps for this summer! I am happier and laughing more than I have been the past year and continuing to kick cancer's ass!