Alternative med and New Years resolution

Sunday, December 30, 2012
Made a visit to local clinic after Christmas and it went well. Doc said that the diets I am doing and supplements I am taking now is good but is not good enough and can be better! Right now I have to do many tests to check my nutrients and chemicals in my body and find out what is really causing the breast inflammation and preventing me from getting completely healed. So this new year I am going on a strict diet! No liquor Animal fats etc.... This treatment plan... Not sure how long I will be on it but I'm sure it will take some time get my body cleansed and back to normal. This place is out of pocket only and no insurance can cover, usually is with this type of practices. The first appointment cost $395 and after that 95 a visit per hour. Yikes! But thanks to my friends and friends of friends I have enough to get me by :)

The Plans: $2000+
RBC elemental analysis
Spot iodine
Oral chelation
Spectra nutrient profile
Blood hormone estrogen
Genomic detox profile

Supplements after tests- $48-86
Onco x
Vit D 5000

Inflammation- $49-74
Curcurplex cr
Omega 780

Liver- $44

New oncologist recommendation: works with patients who seek alternative med I need to do some research on her and meet soon. My current onco does not do anything with immune or health to help fight cancer.

If it is not on the sheet don't eat it :) I have the Core Food Plan: Enjoy a rainbow of food every day list.


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