Body Aches

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Lately, I've been feeling bone pains through out my body in the morning when I wake up. Most in my upper back. I haven't done any serious exercising like weight lifting or anything to cause the aches. So, it's probably the side effects from Arimidex. Been taking motrin 800 more now at least one a day, trying not to take it too much. I look normal of course like I am not in pain, but I just suck it up and go on with my day.

I've been noticing tiredness during the day as well. Even though I get tons of rest and drinking mostly water and teas I feel so tired and I haven't even done anything but walk around or driving. How am I going to survive school this semester!?! I'll have take a ton of B vitamins since I can't do any caffeine or sugar  =P They do make organic caffeine free coffee, I should drink that would be some kind of placebo or something to make me feel better hahaha...

Going to order Istonix from my friend. Talked with cancer patient a while back and she says these products helped her get energy and strength during chemo. Cost a lot to buy but will last for 3 months. Amy bought me Isotonix OPC-3 to try and so far it is good, but for my condition I need more than that! I have to get ORAC, Digestive Enzymes, Reservatol, and Curcumin Extreme. Will order it today and keep track of my energy levels and also hoping that it'll be good to kill the cancer cells too along with treatment.


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