Treatment in Mexico.

Friday, July 6, 2012
I have been considering going to Mexico for treatment for some time now after hearing stories about people heading over there and coming back to the states cured. I believe it. I know there's a cure out there not available here otherwise all pharmaceutical companies will go broke and doctors will be out of work..... That's just my outside opinion on that. So, if you work in the medical field I know you'll defend that! So shush.

I never pursued it because it cost a lot out of pocket and I don't have that kind of money, not sure where or how I can raise money for that. Maybe the school bus lady who got bullied will give me a cut of her $500,000! LOL Who are the people who donated?! Send me to Mexico, please! :)

Tonight my fiance brought it up because his co worker talked about the Mexico treatments. He made me cry happy tears and got me all snotty tonight;  there's no price on life and that he'll do whatever he can to make sure I am cured so that he can be with me for a long time.

I looked in Oasis of Hope & IIB Alternative Cancer Center. Been doing some research and trying to contact people who have been there and got treated. I will keep y'all posted on that.


Unknown at: July 7, 2012 at 6:15 PM said...

Julie, I'm sending prayers & good vibes your way because I want you to be cured! You need a rep, someone who is lining up fundraisers for you...around the country. Seriously. Your story is incredible & I know a lot of people out there can relate to it. Get the word out there & organize a nationwide tour. You know lots of people & you should use your connections as much as possible!

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