You never know how strong you are...until being strong is the only choice you have

When I discovered the unknown lump in my left breast, I knew something was wrong I had a feeling that it was cancer, I tried not to think that it was not but I can’t lie to myself like that. I didn’t know much about breast cancer, until I was assigned to prepare a persuasive speech in front of my speech class. I decided on breast cancer, I didn’t know much about it anyway and did my research. I didn’t have to prepare much or write an outline. I managed to dig deep and talked to the class unscripted. I somehow tied it all to what I was going through from the discovery of the lump and doctor visits to the fact that you or someone you know has been effected by cancer and I am one of them. Even though I didn’t know for sure at the time if I had it or not but I felt that I did. My cheeks trembled fighting back tears and that deep pain in my chest as I talked about my personal life with strangers for the first time it was scary but good it was practice for breaking the news down for my family and friends... after class one of the students came up to me and said I’ll be here for you if you need me... I was so touched by her and to confirmed I am not alone in this journey. As with many people who experience cancer, we’ve all been told we have 5 years to live with stage IV terminal cancer and there’s nothing we can do for you after conventional treatment fails. BUT I believe there IS! There are people out there who live beyond the statistics and have turn over to alternatives to fight cancer for good. That means changing your diet, eating natural foods that keep you alive, have a positive attitude, surround yourself with positive people, and following a spiritual path. I believe healing and restoring my health better than it was before. I pray every day for this cancer to go away. I am able to live normally have the strength to live on with a purpose and believing I am healed!


Coconut Oil For Everything!

Sunday, April 29, 2012 1 comments
My sister introduced me to this recently and I've also heard wonderful things about it from others. I've been using it on my face, eye make up remover, smoothies, and putting it my tea! I hear it is good to prevent cancer too. Here's a list of what I found.

• Skin Care- bye bye wrinkles

• Hair Care- shiny hair :)

• Heart Diseases- healthy heart less sodium

• Weight Loss- we all want to maintain this

• Digestion- regular bowel movement is necessary

• Immunity- good for fighting off infections/sickness

• Healing & Infections- like bruises!

To find out more you can check out this link here for detailed info Coconut Information This is the brand I use! YUM!

Crazy Dream

Thursday, April 26, 2012 0 comments
It's been a long time since I remembered any of my dreams (must have been the 20g of melatonin i took last night).
The dream: I was at the hospital and getting ready for surgery to remove the lump in my left breast. It felt so real! I just said F it just put me out and remove it. I don't know what happened after that, but I'm hoping I woke up to new sets of Boobies. :)
Maybe this means I'm ready for for the next step to whatever news that lies ahead...I'll be seeing the oncologist in two weeks.

Story On KSAT

Saturday, April 21, 2012 0 comments
Here's a story on the local San Antonio station! Glad I did it and had a nice talk with Isis! Click here to view video/article!

Interview with KSAT

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 1 comments
The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is coming up next month! I will be sharing my story to the community on the local news station tomorrow! I am really excited! You'd be surprise how uneducated people are about breast cancer, trust me I was one of them. =P So, don't feel stupid. That's why you need people like me to spread awareness about breast health. If you love your life and the people in it you are willing to do whatever it takes to continue holding on and so other people don't go through this before it is too late.

I'll post videos of the interview and let you know when it airs!

If you live in San Antonio, #texas sign up for race! SIGN UP FOR RACE HERE! CLICK ME

Treatment Updates

Monday, April 9, 2012 7 comments
I've been so tired today! I forgot about my good news report, anyway the last two months I've been going alone now since I don't have serious side effects after chemo, but maybe drowsiness today? or it might be from the high dosages of melatonin I took last night. I also have class after treatment too. BLAH

Oh yeah right good news... after being examined twice by a new assistant and the oncologist, the tumor is under control, it is still the same size, blood work and all is stable, good to continue treatment, and my tumor marker levels went down from 200 to 70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go ahead and jump for joy for me k thanks =) I also found out that it is unnecessary to do any bone scans right now because the treatment makes the results look worst so it is not good to go off on how the treatment is working in that area.

Whatever it is I need to continue to eat healthy and exercise, right now I am doing the 90/10 90 percent healthy 10 percent unhealthy lol I need to change that to 100 =P

Love XO