Interning @ SGK and other random blahs

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
I was strolling to class one day passing the career center and stopped to look at the job postings and saw SGK positions on the board. I didn't plan on working during school, but this was only part time and flexible ours. Hey why not right? I applied that week, interview, and yay I am there! I never mentioned I have cancer until after. But yeah i will be helping with the races, health fairs, speaking in front of people about SGK and sharing my story! I think it'll be a good experience and meeting people!

As for the habaneros... My stomach hates it! It's so spicy I cried! I'm still eating it though because I go in for treatment next week so I'll look and see if there's any changes with my tumor marker level.

Other that I am physically mobile and feeling no pain, thank God and vitamins & vegetables! Lol


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