Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure®

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It is definitely an experience joining 4,000 walkers from all over the world! Seriously, I met people from South Africa. From the fundraising to walking till the end of the 60 mile. I joined to walk because my baby mammma Amy Y. signed up as team captain to walk for me. I was inspired, I can't let her walk alone! Of course I needed to get out of Texas anyway. Hehe...

I've never put together a fundraiser before and it is a lot of work! Raising money for SGK to walk is pricey, minimum $2300. If not you ain't walking, unless you put down your credit card info to be charged before the end of the year! LOL Fortunately, I have amazing supporters out there who care for the boobie cause and myself (I LOVE YOU), without y'all our team wouldn't have made $7,586 to go towards breast cancer programs. We also had Spices Thai Cafe & Jasmine Seafood for donating a percentage of their dinner sales to us! I read from Charity Navigator about 80% of the money raised goes towards breast cancer.

The fundraiser held in San Diego was a success! Thanks to Stage Bar & Grill for letting me use their venue at the gaslamp, Rossi H., International DipShit, and Hell on Heels Burlesque Revue for performing! It was a great show, I was expecting more people, but it was fun overall. We sold most our PinUp for Pink calendars! Yay.

As for the walk, I did not train for it at all. I am a bad ass and can totally do it without complaint for the distance or pain. There was only 4 people on Team iHeartNom: Amy, Annie, Colleen, and Me. Then towards race day only 3 of us made it to walk because my poor friend was injured and had the flu, but she flew out to support us anyway, thank you.

The walk started off at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, we arrived at 5 a.m. omg early! I didn't get any sleep before the walk cause I was busy pigging out with Annie and talking in bed. I just felt very emotional and happy at the same time! Overwhelmed by all the people here for the same reason, it's so cool! I met and chatted with people along the way, and saw/met many survivors! Especially, when you wear the goofy five finger shoes, who doesn't want to talk to you and start a conversation right? The majority of the people I met was from Texas. Really, out of 4,000 people I meet the Texans? I really enjoyed the company of the cheerleaders, cheering for us before every pit stop and before going to lunch! All the workers and volunteers take really good care of you and feed you well! I don't think I lost any weight. We camped out at Crown Point overlooking the bay. Lucky for us we didn't get a crazy rainstorm, so it made the 3 day walk easy for us. I'm not a fan of the porta potties, I tried to not drink water or eat anything fibrous while I was walking. The three of us did really well on the 2nd day, and the final 3rday I was the only one walking, the ladies injured their foot. I was kinda sad and wanted to cry walking alone, but I made friends and chatted. I ended up getting a blister under my toenail from the shoes I wore on the first day, and then on my heels from the five fingers, but that was my fault for taking off my socks, I had grains of sand rubbing against my heel that caused that. My foot was already aching and I walked slow, but every time I see an older person walking pass me, I would speed up. I did make it up the last hill going through Old Town before heading to the finish line at Petco Park. I wanted to zoom pass lunch, but I made a quick stop to get my blister and knee wrapped. I didn't know my team was waiting and was keeping an eye out for me! Haha... oops so I just stayed. Together we made a pit stop at Bar Basic for a drink, thank you ms. bartender for pouring a stiff drink for us, bless your heart! We needed that.

We walked into Petco park with everyone and it was a big fcuk you cancer dance party, we did it! I said to myself I would not walk again next year, but I have some friends who want to do it next year so I just might walk it again... =X


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