Finally Results from the Dr. in WA

Friday, November 11, 2011
So, I was suppose to get my blood results many months ago that tests to see your hormone levels, but he couldn't find my name and didn't realize sourisa and sourisakkhamphong are the same people.

Yesterday, I emailed out of curiosity, I mean I did drop 100 on this test. I have to know right? =)

Dr.K's message:
Hi Julie, how are you doing? I am sorry this has fallen between the cracks but when we looked up your name “ Julie Sourisa” there was nothing. Somehow they had you last name as “Sourisakkhamphong” but we found it. If you give me your address, I will send to the original report. Although you are not outside the reference range, I would like to see your 2-Hydroxyestrone higher and the 2:16 ratio above 1.0. You can improve the ratio with a nutraceutical called Indole-3-carbinol (which comes from broccoli) at least 150 mg/day. If you have a hard time finding it let me know.

What is 2-Hydroxyestrone?
From what I researched it is known as the "good estrogen" that helps fight cancer, with low levels you will be at risk for cancer. An increase in 2-hydroxyestrone will inhibit tumor growth. And also regular exercises increases this good estrogen! Sweet- good thing I workout.

I need to eat broccoli or any cruciferous vegetables. What a cheap date I will be while I am in San Diego haha... went out to buy it in pill form at Jimbo's but it was only a 50mg, I will take two or three a day. Should start now though, I will have another follow up with my onco in December.


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