You never know how strong you are...until being strong is the only choice you have

When I discovered the unknown lump in my left breast, I knew something was wrong I had a feeling that it was cancer, I tried not to think that it was not but I can’t lie to myself like that. I didn’t know much about breast cancer, until I was assigned to prepare a persuasive speech in front of my speech class. I decided on breast cancer, I didn’t know much about it anyway and did my research. I didn’t have to prepare much or write an outline. I managed to dig deep and talked to the class unscripted. I somehow tied it all to what I was going through from the discovery of the lump and doctor visits to the fact that you or someone you know has been effected by cancer and I am one of them. Even though I didn’t know for sure at the time if I had it or not but I felt that I did. My cheeks trembled fighting back tears and that deep pain in my chest as I talked about my personal life with strangers for the first time it was scary but good it was practice for breaking the news down for my family and friends... after class one of the students came up to me and said I’ll be here for you if you need me... I was so touched by her and to confirmed I am not alone in this journey. As with many people who experience cancer, we’ve all been told we have 5 years to live with stage IV terminal cancer and there’s nothing we can do for you after conventional treatment fails. BUT I believe there IS! There are people out there who live beyond the statistics and have turn over to alternatives to fight cancer for good. That means changing your diet, eating natural foods that keep you alive, have a positive attitude, surround yourself with positive people, and following a spiritual path. I believe healing and restoring my health better than it was before. I pray every day for this cancer to go away. I am able to live normally have the strength to live on with a purpose and believing I am healed!


Finally Results from the Dr. in WA

Friday, November 11, 2011 0 comments
So, I was suppose to get my blood results many months ago that tests to see your hormone levels, but he couldn't find my name and didn't realize sourisa and sourisakkhamphong are the same people.

Yesterday, I emailed out of curiosity, I mean I did drop 100 on this test. I have to know right? =)

Dr.K's message:
Hi Julie, how are you doing? I am sorry this has fallen between the cracks but when we looked up your name “ Julie Sourisa” there was nothing. Somehow they had you last name as “Sourisakkhamphong” but we found it. If you give me your address, I will send to the original report. Although you are not outside the reference range, I would like to see your 2-Hydroxyestrone higher and the 2:16 ratio above 1.0. You can improve the ratio with a nutraceutical called Indole-3-carbinol (which comes from broccoli) at least 150 mg/day. If you have a hard time finding it let me know.

What is 2-Hydroxyestrone?
From what I researched it is known as the "good estrogen" that helps fight cancer, with low levels you will be at risk for cancer. An increase in 2-hydroxyestrone will inhibit tumor growth. And also regular exercises increases this good estrogen! Sweet- good thing I workout.

I need to eat broccoli or any cruciferous vegetables. What a cheap date I will be while I am in San Diego haha... went out to buy it in pill form at Jimbo's but it was only a 50mg, I will take two or three a day. Should start now though, I will have another follow up with my onco in December.

Why I Walk...

Sunday, November 6, 2011 0 comments
Counting down till take off to Sun Diego! Joining my team for an epic 60 mile walk! =)

Put down that hybrid bacon pattie burger!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 2 comments
I know it's not my business to tell anyone how to eat or what not to eat etc... but if you want to continue feeding your body with toxic fats from high saturated oils, processed, and refined foods, go ahead! (No, I don't want you too) Most of you, don't care to change to eat better for your body and have that "I can eat whatever I want and exercise when I want too" mentality.

Doesn't matter if your fat or skinny you can still be at risk for potential health problems. I'm just venting because I am going through my bills right now and maybe it will change your mind about switching to a healthier diet/moderation/exercise into your life. Or if you haves kid stop feeding them cheese puffs and soda...yeah something like that. If I can turn back time yeah I would totally take advantage of my eating habits...damn you breakfast burritos!

If you want to avoid being where I am right now imagine yourself going in for treatment for cancer once a month and what it'll cost you. Here's mine to share:

Zoledronic Acid 1 MG $2625.00
Leuperolide Acetate 7.5 MG $661.00
Chemotherapy/Hormone procedure $94.00
Hemotology/ONC Test $184.00
CBC Test $33.00
Metabolic Test $45.00
Immunoassay Tumor Test (Tumor Marker) $89.00
Grand total: $3731 per/month(there goes my balenciaga bag! LOL jk)

There is no time frame on how long these treatments are, but wouldn't it suck to have a bill like this every month? There are others who have higher bills than me going through similar conditions. I know someone I use to work with there dad is 1 million in debt from cancer treatment.

I have a friend who avoided going to the doctor because he didn't have insurance and was afraid of the medical bill he might get. Marinated in his pain for a long time until it was pretty bad and lead to immediate surgery removing something from his digestive tract. Seriously, if there's something wrong go get it looked at before it's too late.

This is no joke.

Prevention: Time to start eating the healthy way right now for long life and well being!


IHeartNom PinUp for Pink Calendars

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Make an online donation of $25 or more at, to Amy Yasotorn, Julie Sourisakkhamphong, Colleen Hanes or Annie Jittayasotorn and get a calendar!!!

We will be selling these at the fundraiser in San Diego, but if you can't make it or live far away you can get one making an online donation and we will mail it out to you!

Thank you for supporting us and helping us reach our goal to kick cancer in the face! XOXO

PS the Calendar has other ladies in it as well not just me hehe...

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