The Mets Club

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
No no not the baseball team!

I finally joined Young Survivors Coalition's website. It's like a FB for women fighting cancer, sharing life stories, treatments they are all doing, and survivors on there to support the newly diagnosed. There's a private group for mets only people. I haven't found it yet...still navigating the site. I didn't join sooner just because I didn't want to get emotional reading all the posts. But so far it is not so bad, there are tough girls on there with great attitude. I posted a topic to see if anyone is doing the same treatment I am doing and just to get an idea if it works, time frame, what happens next etc... I had a few replies...haven't found anyone yet. I do know...later down the road I have to get a mastectomy. When that time comes around... somebody just knock me out and wake me up when I get new boobies.

Anyway... I've decided to kick Komen to the curb (no offense) I really like YSC and plus it is not as big as Komen. The org caters more to my age range. Now I want to do the Tour De Pink Ride instead of the Komen Walk. =P


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