Summer Happenings

Monday, July 11, 2011
Hello... all been pretty busy! What busy?! Yeah I know I am pretty excited that I am busy right now.

The whole month of June had my family from Alaska, Washington, California, and North Carolina visiting me. Good to see my fam bam staying under one roof! Imagine the movie "Home Alone" haha just kidding... Love and miss you all! I owe my grandma a hug though I totally ran off to the airport without saying good bye! Oops... got little excited to leave Texas for a short trip.

I recently got back from Vegas celebrating my friends birthday out there. It was fun minus the gambling and drinking! I'm glad I was sober... I actually got to see Vegas, eat(the times I was there I don't think I ever ate, only drink!), see how people act when their intoxicated which opened my eyes even wider not to go that route again (it really brings out the worst in people depending on their moods usually it's always negative)and document with my camera. Five days smelling cigarette smoke in the casino was way too long. Def not good for my health either. I'm still tripping out that people bring their kids to Vegas! WHY?! I don't think it's a family vacay for little kids or kids with disabilities... just saying...

I have a few days left before I fly out to San Diego this weekend. Really happy to go back and visit! Good thing I have comic con tickets otherwise I will be here in Texas all summer. I know I am already brown from the sun, I will wear 100 spf and spend time at the beach as long as I am there!

I have my 6th treatment this Friday without meeting the doctor. I see him in August. I had swelling pains under my left armpit for a few days and the nurse just told me to take motrin. If there's swelling under there it means that the lymph nodes are fighting the cancer invasion. Good to know I don't have to worry about it. Other than that I feel great physically and emotionally.

What else is going on... I am currently looking for a location to hold a Happy Hour fundraiser some where downtown in San Diego to raise money for the 3 day breast walk in November with my Iheartnom Girls. Contacted 1 location so far and no response guess they don't want business? I got a hold of friend who works in the industry and a location that will be the one... I just know it. Once I get a location and date set my team of photographers, make up artists, and models( my beautiful friends) will reveal our project we are putting together. Oh yeah I just want to mention that... I have always been modeling for fun/hobby before I was diagnosed just want to get that clear because someone said I'm using cancer to boost my ego because I like to take pictures. LOL doesn't make any sense. I do like to document everything through photography, not going to lie about that and I rather have an ego than not at all.

After my Summer vacay comes to an end I will be getting ready to go back to school!


Colleen at: August 9, 2011 at 8:43 AM said...

Don't listen to ignorant peeps keep your head up and do what makes you happy! luv u

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