Abnormal Mass Losing...

Monday, May 16, 2011
some inches 3.1 in = 8 cm (Last month)  to 2.8 in = 7.1 cm.
It's getting smaller whoop! whoop!

Dr. E. says he doesn't need to see me every month and he has substantial evidence this treatment is going well for me, and  he'll keep me on it indefinitely. Also, I should not rely on the tumor marker hehe...

The CTRC was busy today took for ever to get my infusion that only takes 15 minutes to drain. I almost cried... the nurse poked me multiple times and couldn't get any blood. I was like OK you can stop doing that just put the needle here where the other nurse drew blood. I got a big ugly bruise now eh... blood work is good a lot better than the last.


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