4 months!

Sunday, May 15, 2011
I can't believe it...4 months in Tejas... I start my 4th treatment tomorrow, actually looking forward to it because  I want to know that the tumor marker has gone way down or just disappear. =)

I solved my insomnia problem... instead of working out in the afternoon do it in the evenings. I get pretty tired afterwards and fall asleep before midnight. I still wake up randoms hours through the night from hot flashes and play words with friends and then go back to sleep hah...

My application to UTSA is pending evaluation, I was nervous for a minute, but have a good feeling I will get accepted. Whoop! Really I just can't wait to have something to do and be super busy again!

Also I will have family visiting me next month this time! It's going to be a full house here. Coming from NC, OR, and AK.

All right y'all will report back tomorrow after my treatment!


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