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Monday, April 11, 2011
Hi ya'll...

Went in for my follow up with Dr. E. and my 3rd treatment today alone for the first time sporting my sexy Vibrams ( get's a lot of attention!). Told mom to stay home, she gets emo and negative when we're at the center. Not good for my bubbly attitude.

I asked the nurse practitioner if I should be worried about losing collagen & elastin. She gave me a funny look and explain to me I don't have to worry about that. I can't remember all the detailed medical terms she was saying but whatever if it's not going to make me look old than that's GOOD! I had to ask since Amy miss beauty expert said I would during my treatment. Wrong! I should return the horse size collagen pills then. Nurse also told me that I won't feel any more bone pains after several treatments, less side effects, or non at all.

Dr. E says my  body is responding well to the treatment and he will continue to keep me on it. Even though the tumor is still the same size about 8 cm. doesn't mean the treatment is not working. From the tumor marker results his nurse told me that the stupid cancer is responding and is decreasing slowly to normal level!

Yeah, that's my little good news. After my IV zometa injection and lupron shot I went to stuff my face with duck confit pizza. I tried too, but manage to eat only two slices.

The doctor takes a blood, urine, or tissue sample and sends it to the laboratory, where various methods are used to measure the level of the tumor marker.
If the tumor marker is being used to determine whether a treatment is working or if there is recurrence, the tumor marker levels are often measured over a period of time to see if the levels are increasing or decreasing. Usually these “serial measurements” are more meaningful than a single measurement. Tumor marker levels may be checked at the time of diagnosis; before, during, and after therapy; and then periodically to monitor for recurrence.

I found Joyce Meyer in the closet of the treatment room and picked up the confident women to read and watched cartoon network in the corner in my sexy vibrams. Life's Good. 


Luz at: April 11, 2011 at 5:48 PM said...

That's awesome~~~~~ i'm so happy for you :)

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