Thai Herb Medicine

Saturday, April 23, 2011
Went through the pantry today and found the bag of herb balls my step mom gave to me back in San Diego and decided to try it. Again I can never get answer to what are in these little balls. But I did find an article on the livestrong website about Thai herbs. So what the heck I will try it anyway. I was told it cost 10 dollars a piece and I have 60.


Looks tasty?
I just put one in a cup of hot water and let it dissolve. Didn't completely... and smells HORRIBLE! I am dizzy just smelling it right now. Yes... took a sip of it and taste bad too. I even added agave sweetener.OK no... I just took a big swig of this and I cannot drink this every day! I'd rather have bad shots of tequila than drink this. Barf... and I feel bad but I have to send it back to my step mom. =(
Looks like fruit punch


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