Healing Water From Thailand

Saturday, April 2, 2011
Last month my grandma took a month long trip to Thailand. During her time there she called me for my birth date so the monks can read my future. I don't know what they said I didn't ask cause I know I will survive and kick this cancer in the face. =) Anyway... she brought back a bottle of water that I have to drink for 7 days and pray. Well I pray every day for my health anyway... so what makes this water miraculous? I just got  the bottle yesterday, tried to find out more information on this water. But the only answer I got was:
"It coming from the mountain, only some people go there, your grandma pay alottsa money to get it, it's herbs in there you drink make you feel better".
The first gen family are very old school and believe in this special healing powers. I am not convinced. 
I googled all this too find out what mountain this water came from and what herbs is put in there. I'll just think of it as a placebo or something. I was a lil freaked out by the color of the water and stuff floating inside maybe there's tiny microbugs in there that can eat my tumor... just kidding. What the heck I drank a cup of it and it tasted like fresh water. Let's see what happens in 7 days and after that I will be visiting my doctor for a follow up and my third treatment.


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