Applying to UTSA

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
I can't stand doing nothing and really need to finish school! I met with a counselor from UTSA today. Most of my credits transfer. I may have to petition for a few classes with no problems. But have to CLEP out of Business Law & Marketing. I don't have to take any classes at the community college at all! WoooOooHoooo... The counselor says I will get accepted into the school. I hope so! She sounded very promising.

I originally moved to California to go to school and finish there, but its been a struggle. I didn't have any influence about going to school growing up. Since, both my parents didn't have the means or opportunity to finish school or go to college. Everyone else in the family had their own thing going and know one else was around. Grandparents I don't think they had any business experience they just opened up their own business. Impressive. Pretty, much they made it out to the US and it is up to me to take advantage on my own. Mom & Dad give me crap all the time asking me when I am going to finish. Only if they knew how ridonkulous it is to get motivated and stay there. On top of that work and school. Especially, Mom she bags on me all the time. LOL I don't take it personal though, I'm glad I don't!

Now, I am actually happy I get to focus on my health and finish school without stress. No more living like a zombie, late nights at the 24 hour coffee shop to study, caffeine, spending time in my car driving around, and eating junk. I can do everything normally at the right time now, yay me.


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