Tokidoki Party for Tokidoki Lover

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

           Thank you to everyone who made it out & those there in spirit… to send me away to give this cancer a black eye. Your love and support is greatly appreciated and needed for me at this time. I love my Tokidoki watch <3 Woot! Woot!
Much loving to these people!

           Everything happened so fast and I didn’t have time to spend with everyone like I wanted too. But hey you can come visit me in Texas and I will try to randomly visit San Diego too. 

I just want to thank someone very special who is more than a bff, who put a lot of work, sweat, tears, lack of sleep, and lots of love into this awesome gathering for her little sister. She had minor help, but did most of the work and provided a lot of things not only for the party, but for me as well since I met her in 2004.
Newly in San Diego and away from my family in Alaska, I met Burbank (that’s her nickname) Haha… who is this Asian girl with freckles and nappy hair? I met her at an Asian store on 47th and Market Street through my step-mom’s sister in-law.  Her name was always mentioned, but I never saw her. Then one day we met briefly and the next thing you know she buys me my first birthday cake before I turned to 21… since then we became close, skip starting off as friends it went straight to being my big sister.
She’s been there for me emotionally and financially when I need it even when she has nothing she likes to give and offer help with what she has without me asking... Just to name a few of the far and beyond things she does…bringing me lunch to school, driving me around when my car breaks down, helps me with school textbooks, making me coffee, hiding little gifts here and there for me to find, cares for me when I’m sick, picks at my pimples, oh and my nose (ha yea I had a cliff hanger one time) haha, entertaining my mom while I was gone and they never met, waiting in line for hours to get cupcakes for the party, packing my suitcase to Texas since I don’t know how to lol…
She has a lot of things on her plate as well like everyone else, but never complains about making time for someone she cares about. She does it all out of love because I am part of her family and we should stick together no matter what. Even though there were some bumps along the way, she never said anything to hurt me, never gave up on me, but gives me timeout so I can figure out what I did wrong until she lectures me. Because I learned a lot from her from fixing my attitude, being more thoughtful, considerate, hugging (I was not the type to give hugs before) to learning how to be organized hehe… Pretty much she’s done a lot for me… looking out for me like a big sister I never thought I would have.

Besides all that I know she loves me I mean who would cuddle, cry happy, and sad tears with me before I left? Only Burbank! 
Burbank  & Me

The other two loves of my life is Amy Y. & Tom G. they just are for a lot of reasons I can’t explain right now, but they’ve been through a lot with me sharing lots of laughs and good times, and bizarre moments. 
Amy Tom Me
 I also want to thank the beautiful ladies from the City Church RB, for all your love and prayers for me. You know who you are ;) Joy Veale, Fiona Wright, Michelle Sketo, Veronica Cornetta, Alisa Montoya, Connie Montoya, Nancy Yorba, Deanna Sick, Nicole Corpuz, Renee Smith, Jessica Wright and the rest of the ladies in Connect Group!


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