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Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Hello all... made it safely to Texas. Enjoying the big stormy wind and rain outside my window...

During my flight here I wrote down some questions to ask Dr. E, since I will be spending a lot of time with him and you know I want to get to know him and what he's all about. My expectations from this research/treatment center and I will be there tomorrow...I thought I would feel nervous, but I am not.

Feel free to let me know if I am missing anything to ask Dr. E or what else I should look into…

Going into the center I want to know:
·         That the diagnostics given to be by previous doctors is correct
·         The rate of progression – I was told by sharp physician you can’t measure this and if scientist can tell you how old tree/fossils are I am sure they can figure out how long this cancer bad has been lurking inside my body
·         That I will have a new diagnostics done to compare previous results
·         Dr. E will look for specific conditions previous doctors overlooked and re-evaluate my case
·         Customize my treatment to my specific needs
·         That he will listen to me and that my thoughts and feelings matter. Not just focusing on the tumor itself
·         My well being is being cared for
·         The treatment offered can improve my health without compromising my life and people who love me <3
·         That  I don’t have to remove anything in my body if it is unnecessary and functioning properly
·         I can have treatment that is less aggressive/toxic with little or no side effects (I hope there is and I believe there will be (^_^) )
1.       Who are you?
2.       What is your approach on cancer?
3.       Do you care about the quality of life of your patients?
4.       Have you treated anyone in my age group with my case? Similar? Different? Rare?
5.       How do you feel about mainstream medicine? Effective?
6.       Do you practice conventional/alternative approach? Both?
7.       What are your treatment options? Immunotherapy one of them? VME therapy?  (Vitamine/Minerals/Enzymes)
8.       What’s the difference between radical and conservative surgery?
9.       Would your treatments improve my survival rate and has it been successful with patients you’ve worked with?
10.   How do you feel about non-toxic therapy?
11.    Do you think that diet/nutrition and self healing is effective therapy other than technology breakthrough?
12.   What do you know about Laetrile (Apricot seeds)?
13.   And Estrogen metabolism?

“There are moments in life that change you as a person…That alter the direction you choose to travel forever”


Dale at: February 1, 2011 at 3:48 AM said...

If I take a multi-pronged approach to fighting this (e.g. alternative therapies in conjunction with your treatment) what do you need to know to prevent any complications affecting traditional medical treatment?

Could I speak with any of the other patients you've treated?

Are there any methods of treatment that you specifically advise against and if so, why?

Unknown at: February 1, 2011 at 4:22 AM said...

Thanks Dale I will add this to my list and bring with me!! =)

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