First Treatment on Valentines Day....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
How awesome is that?! Not really...

The room was full of mature folks, me being the youngest. The room has a reading room, sodas & sugary snacks available. You can pick any reclining seat you want that is open, if you're lucky you'll find one with a small flat screen.

Once every 28 days I will be there less than 2 hours. Get my blood work examined (45 minutes), wait for the Zometa from the pharmacy (40 minutes), once the Zometa arrives takes 15 minutes for it to drain into my body. After that I have to take the Lupron shot on the butt. OUCH! well it was not bad, the nurse numbed me with some freezing spray. Depending how the treatment goes this could go on for 5 years!

Then the side effects started kicking in last night after 8 p.m. I started feeling bone pains and then I felt like I just got hit by a bus and my ribs crushed. I had trouble breathing, imagine you are wrestling with someone and they end up sitting on top of you and you try so hard to fight them off and have a hard time breathing? I felt like that, but didn't have to fight anything. Then I started getting fever chills, and feeling hot on and off. I am standing next to a fan right now and I still feel sweaty. I can't burp, cough, or have hiccups, painful if I do! Also it feels like I have been drinking bad tequila and now paying for it with a banging headache. I had a hard time eating today and ended up  not eating a whole lot. I felt helpless laying in bed like a limp vegetable, but my conscience kicked my ass and kept telling me my body is at war right now so, I should stop crying and bitching how crappy this feels. Unfortunately I will be feeling like this for 2 more days.

I feel a little bit better now standing here in the dark. Maybe I should play some mind/brain exercises it is helping with the headache right now. I really want to workout, but with the breathing will be difficult. Maybe yoga and stretching will help...never mind I am having a hard time moving my hips and stretching. Trying not to lay down is my main goal here tonight.

Oh by the way... I am an official Texan now. Went to the DMV to get my DL. I guess that's good I can pay for cheaper tuition for school.


Dale at: February 16, 2011 at 1:46 AM said...

Hey, short-term suffering for a long-term life sounds like a reasonable bargain to me. Can't achieve what you want without a little suffering & hard work!

Texan? Meh. As long as you don't get converted into being a Cowboys fan, it's cool. ;)

Mars at: February 16, 2011 at 10:45 AM said...

Hang in there Superwoman!!! Miss you dearly!!! xoxoxo

Stephapalooza at: February 17, 2011 at 2:09 PM said...

Thinking about you and sending happy drug-ass kicking thoughts!!!

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