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Thursday, January 6, 2011
I've been thinking a lot in the last 24 hours and have decided to give in and move to Texas (temporarily) for treatment. My mom and sister are both there, they need me and I sure do need them! I am very blessed to know and have the support from wonderful friends old and new here in San Diego too! Thank you I am very grateful and appreciate everything! For reals! As I sit here with a weird spasm in my left butt cheeks, my right clavicle aching, and freezing here in Carlsbad hehe... =)

My uncle in NC has been helping out contacting with an oncologist at the cancer center in San Antonio and here is what the Doc had to say:
Email to Doctor at the center: 
Dr. Elledge,
 We are looking for treatment options in San Antonio for my 26 year old niece
who lives in San Diego, CA. Her mother lives in Cibolo, TX and would like
her to be close by during care and treatments. Do you mind looking at her
radiology report? Apparently she was just diagnosed a couple of weeks ago
after biopsy and was told that her cancer was a stage 2 and only in her left
breast, however, a PET scan report just received yesterday confirmed
otherwise, invasive ductal carcinoma with metastasis to her skeletal but not
her organs.
If you are willing to look at her case, please let me know so I can send you
her radiology report. Her doctor is scheduled for a conference (and will be
presenting her case) on the 11th and the following day he is supposed to
discuss the best treatment options for her.  However, as an uncle, we want
to explore all options that will yield the best chance of healing for her.
Mr. C:
The circumstances you describe are highly unusual and exceptional, and as a
rule, I interpret information in that context with substantial caution.  PET
scans can be useful, though they have interpretive complexity and can give
false positives. Without knowing the full, individual story and seeing
her, along with reviewing the actual scans and pathology slides, I cannot
comment specifically.  Giving opinions by e-mail may result in inaccurate
assessments of obviously critical matters. What I can offer is an
appointment to see her and gather all tests done and review them myself and
with an experts in radiology and pathology.   If that can not be done here,
I would recommend that you do that at UC San Francisco or some  other center
of excellence in breast cancer.  I hope that helps you.
Richard Elledge
Screw you metastasis breast cancer! I still believe in miracles and super healing! 


jdisco at: January 6, 2011 at 10:46 PM said...

Fight the good fight! RAWR

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