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Thursday, January 20, 2011
Thank you to a special someone cooler than Oprah =), made it possible for me to see the Steeler's game last weekend with another cool friend of mine Angel, who is a die hard Steeler fan than I am; which made it an enjoyable and memorable trip ever! <3 you two smooches!

After finding out that my diagnosis is stage 4, Rusty told me I should start working on my to do list before treatment...the only thing that came to mind was NFL game!  Yeah, I don't know why I was thinking that first?

Before we left for the airport, I got an email from someone special and said he'd love to pray for me after the game! I was so excited! I actually prayed for this to happen and a lot of other things always: You can pray for anything and if you have faith, you will receive it MATT 21:22, Amen! I wouldn't have if Amy didn't forward me his video from before I even plan on going to Pittsburgh in the first place. I wouldn't have known and yes thank you iamsecond for getting me connected to him! I feel healed already with all these blessings, but this healing process takes a lot of meditation and being in the word, ya heard?

This city loves their sports team and are loyal fans with so much pride. I love it! You see it in the airport, people walking around sporting black & yellow, employees at the hotel/restaurants/bars... EVERY WHERE! People are friendly here too... the ones I talked to anyway. Only downside it's freaking COLD! I could see myself living there than Harrisburg(made that trip in August 2010 Eww!).

I was fine during the flight there and held myself together. But an hour before the game I just couldn't stop from crying happy and sad tears in the bathroom. So, EMO I am suppose to be TOUGH! A nice motherly looking woman noticed me gushing out a waterfall while I was washing my hands and gave me hug even though she didn't know what was going on. I had to knock it off before I attract attention and made my way out....

To an awesome game and victory over the Ravens. High 5'ing your neighbors all around your seat, jumping up and down, screaming and yelling, waving the terrible towels in the air ugh so fun! Makes baseball feel like a boring history class. I don't know a whole lot about football, but going to live game is so exciting than watching on T.V. I appreciate the sport even more hehe...

After the game was even better a prophetic prayer and ending the night with a good nights rest! My old body didn't feel like celebrating outside in the cold,walking around, or joining the madness with drunkards.

My vision seeing the Steelers play and win at the superbowl! Haha Seven in Eleven. =P

Angel Face  
64,000 something fans!

Big Ben on bad leg =( 


Anonymous at: January 21, 2011 at 1:51 AM said...

awww! cool post dude! ;)

Sean C.

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