Last Visit to the Oncologist

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
In San Diego... so good bye Sharp Rees!

After waiting for this Doctor for 2.5 hours after my appointment time.... (WTF) First off he immediately ask me if I went over the clinical trials (I have not). The Dr. went on to tell me... after presenting my case to the panel at the conference yesterday they all agree that extensive chemotherapy before and after surgery is the treatment I need. And I have to think about getting a hysterectomy (for being ER positive) or take medications to suppress the ER, and look into sending my eggs to the bank. Then he showed me the prints of my scans on the computer of all areas in my body sprinkled with mets. I'll have all the imaging on CD in a few days and will share my body scan later (it's pretty cool).

Not sure how I feel about removing my woman hood yet because I am still going to get a second opinion and go through the whole diagnostics again in Texas. After the Dr. told me the news I told him I will be heading that way for treatment and he was actually excited and that I will be getting treatment in San Antonio which he said is the best place for breast cancer treatment in the world! So, that's good. =)

After the appointment I went to eat with Satri <3 at Loving Hut and went back to work as usual. My last day is tomorrow. So, bummed I will be leaving the company.

Went to the mall to get some warm gear for the east coast this weekend, maybe my tumor will just freeze to death and become benign. =P

Got a call from my awesome friend Jen and told me about her friend who was diagnosed at 26 years old 6 months ago and going through treatment right now. Believe it or not she is also south east Asian! What is going on here?!! Anyway we will be getting connected soon and probably become homies to get through this. <3


Anonymous at: January 12, 2011 at 11:56 PM said...

I had a friend who beat breast can do it!!!

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