I am Second: Janelle Hail & Tamara Jolee

Sunday, January 2, 2011

iHeart these woman.
So, true amen to that without me having christ in my life I would not be able to handle this cancerbad. I will not be O.K. If I had known this 2.5 years ago... I will disappear into self destruction and know one would know what's going on with me. I am very grateful to have awesome family & friends for support. Especially, an angel who offered to help me financially (You are the best evarrrr!!!) To answer the many questions "are you ok?, shut up are you serious?! No Way?! Haha... honestly I feel great!  I am happy, humble, and peaceful.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend welcoming the new year, I sure did. I will be calling the doctors first thing tomorrow morning and make sure they see me right away. I want to know my results and hoping it's just nothing! Seriously. In the mean time a new diet and workout will be in session for me. Organic foods and lots of water. No to alcohol and processed foods! All for the better right =)

Grace is the power of the Holy Spirit to live without stress-Joyce Meyer.


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