Under Arm

Sunday, December 19, 2010
On the left side is really bugging me right now grrr I can feel it throbbing. Thinking about digging my my fingers in there and ripping out the lymph nodes myself. I think watching Boondock Saints I & II, followed by the A-Team (watching now) is screwing with my head. Haha =P

I was very unproductive today.. sort of...

Went to Don's Country Breakfast in Carlsbad ordered a spinach/mushroom omelet with hash browns found a very dark piece of hair in it- I don't want to eat anything for a while.

My friend Ay... was telling me I should cut my hair shorter before chemo... maybe I should think about my hairstyle now? Mullet? Mohawk? Shaved to one side like Rihanna? Before this I was complaining about cutting my hair short anyways so I don't mind losing the hair.

All right I am going to go dance away my pain with dancing with the stars on exercise t.v.followed by ab workouts. Did it this morning too but I can do again.


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