The Scans

Tuesday, December 28, 2010
Part I- Positron Emission Tomography (PET) 
 Prior to the scan I had to fast for 4 hours and drink only water. I went in at 9 a.m with Alissa and hung out for half an hour before I was called in. Picked up by a golf cart and led to a narrow trailer outside of the Rehabilty center. I was greeted by a very handsome radiologist (let's call him Happy) nice smile and very sweet I guess that's his job.. is to make you feel comfortable or that he lived in Alaska for several years and wants to move back there?! Is this a sign for me to go home? This talk all started off with my last name, I am telling you my name is a conversation starter, my last name is rad (~_^), then it went into south east Asia, the outdoors, and Alaska.
 Back to my topic so I was lifted into the trailer and escorted into a small room with a recliner. I had my blood sugar tested and then a radioactive substance called a tracer injected into my vein. Its job is to look for any disease in my body, to show how the organs, and how the tissues are functioning. After the injection I had to wait 45 minutes for it to travel through my blood and organs for the scan to detect the energy given off by the radioactive substance. During this time I was fantasizing about food dozing off.
 After the 45 minutes Happy took me to the bathroom before the scan and more conversation took place and I swear we both were walking baby steps to slow the time to talk. After the potty break we went back to the trailer and I had to remove my bra and put my top back on duh behind closed doors just me! (why you thinking naughty?!) Then I had to lay down on the bed and strapped in and covered in a blanket with my legs propped up and my arms over my head for 25 minutes. It sounded like a space shuttle moving up and down the tube, at one point I almost cried, but refused to be weak or show any sign of weakness and managed to hold in a tear. Then just prayed the whole time meditating Psalms 23... until I was woken up by Alissa above my head. Happy brought her into the PET room and he was peaking over and telling me I had 5 minutes left and came back again to apologize I mean you have 2 minutes left (dork!). I was able to put my arms across  my chest now while my lower half was being scanned, my arms was all jelly and numb.
 That was it... Alissa and I walked back to the car by 11 something and went to Tapioca Express I  had few bites to eat, but immediately stopped looked up the info on MRI I was scheduled for at 2 p.m. you have to fast 4 hours before this one too!!!  UGH! OoppPPpss...

I hate needles, but I like tattoo needles more

Radioactive Thing

That was not so bad after all... 

Part II -Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  Before I could do this scan I had to pay for half of the bill otherwise I would have to reschedule... totally sucks. But my health is important so I had to boo...
 This one is different from the PET instead of radiation this machine uses magnetic field/radio frequency pulses to take pictures of everything in the body. I had to get naked and have an IV injected while laying on my stomach with my boobies hanging low through two holes below me doing the super man pose arms and legs stretched out holding an emergency ball on the right and the needle half way in my other arm with ear plugs in to block off the noise. I'm not a fan of this one...the room sounded like a running dish washer. The scan started and the first thing that comes to mind was DeadMau5 head dancing in my vision and dancing.
 Seriously sounded like a trance/techno dance party in there, minus the dancing I had to be still.There was one part where my lower body felt heated and had a sensation that I was about to go awkward. This lasted longer than the PET 40 minutes for me. Didn't take any pictures for this nobody was allowed in hehe...

Results- NOTHING TILL AFTER NEW YEARS..... why because the two main importante doctors are on vacation! The wait continues... In the mean time I'll be looking forward to ring in the NEW YEAR!

Thanks Alissa Subsarn and Rusty Crusty for being my company to the appointments. iHeartU both.


Nicole C. Corpuz at: December 28, 2010 at 11:14 PM said...

Julie. You're pretty amazing.

I have been in Hawaii and I had no idea about any of this! I just read all of your blog entries. First, I am PRAYING for you and believe for healing and recovery. God is your HEALER. I believe!!! Second, grrr I am so angry at stupid cancer. Third, your blog is so genuine, open and personal. Even in the midst of this crazy thing, your upbeat, overcoming, sparkling personality comes shining through.

You are so great and even though I am not in SD right now, if there is anything specific you need prayer for or whatever, please let me know! Love ya girl!


Martin Lim at: January 7, 2011 at 2:09 PM said...

They let you take pictures?!?!?!!??! I've had MRI taken and they didn't allow any :(

Aeh at: January 8, 2011 at 2:23 AM said...

I found that, I'm claustrophobia when I had MRI.

Alissa at: January 8, 2011 at 10:41 PM said...

I love you so much Julie! I'm so happy that we met and you're a part of our family and you are a strong woman and you can beat this!

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