Possible Causes

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Just thinking of what would have triggered the cancerbad, I looked at all the risk factors and narrowed it down to these. Since there is no history in my family it could be the following:

1. BRCA Gene Mutations
2. Menstrual Period Before 12 years old.. me 11 higher lifetime exposure to estrogen/progesterone
3. Oral Contraceptive leads to greater risk of breast cancer than women who do not use them. I was on this in high school until 2008, primarily for Acne and of course "Safe Sex" you might want to consider another alternative "Abstinence". 
4. Alcohol obviously linked to greater risk of cancerbad, in this case I started drinking since high school not excessively then, but since I moved to California my consumption of alchy has increased and recently slowed down and pretty much struggling to give up the margarita. Although I can have one only in moderation. Not during chemo though... I just might as well give it up anyway!
5.  Overweight/Obesity haha yes well I gained a lot of weight from  joining yelp, then went MIA into my first relationship (was spoiled from his cooking and no active lifestyle), and the birth of Ares (no not from me) =P

So many changes to be made grrraarrrhhhh dfjdsfjdhdkljgh Sparkling Cider for NYE it is.


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