Infection to Breast Ultrasound

Saturday, December 18, 2010
November 10
 Went back to visit Dr. Smurlo and she continued to tell me it's an infection and to put a warm compress on my left breast.

November 11
I get called in for a breast ultrasound in Miramar, radiologist said that yes we see an abnormal mass there, are you breast feeding? Once again I reply NO!

November 15
I am scheduled again for another breast ultrasound and a mammogram with another radiologist in downtown. Told me they are only doing the breast ultrasound and that I am too young for a mammogram.

November 29
Again another breast ultrasound in Miramar, same conclusion infection.

November 30
Got a call from Dr. Smurlo, vmail message, the lump is still the same size, will schedule you to see a surgeon and talk about removing the lump.


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