Fever for You

Saturday, December 18, 2010
October 29
  Late afternoon I began to feel dizzy and sick was not able to function at work and took off early. I had to prepare for a speech and pick up equipment from Jarrod's house in PB. I ended up passing out on the couch and freezing. I woke up, noticed my left breast was red and extremely hot. I had to leave and get my work done, I still felt miserable and managed to drive to Amy's house only to pass out again.

October 30
 I woke up later in the afternoon only to discover my left breast was hard as a rock and still red. Feeling under the weather I ended up going out to a Halloween party why?! I don't know I should have just stayed in bed.

October 31
  Feeling worried now even when friends kept telling me it's only an infection and I will be fine. Yes, but still let me just think of the worst scenario... what I am not married or have kids yet this can't be happening! Teary eyed I left Jaymy downstairs and ran off to bed. Only to be woken up by some crazy shadow and heavy breathing, got scared and ran into Amy & Ares room to sleep.


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