The Call Back to See the Surgeon

Saturday, December 18, 2010
December 9
Got a call in the afternoon to go back and see the surgeon today, but I had to go to class! Erghhh so stressful! I guess my health is more important than school. The nurse demanded me go in anyways since I won't be able to get to see him until next week. I really wanted the call to be good news so I was excited to hear negative results that couldn't be told over the phone.

I ended up going to class and was able to take my final home (yes!) one less thing to worry about. Then I headed out to La Mesa again and waited and waited half an hour later after my appointment time.

Finally, Dr. Yerevanian came in and told me, "I'm sorry Julie the results came back and it is not what I wanted to see".

Me: Tears immediately ran down my straight face, speechless, thinking to myself "OH MY WORD MY BOOB!!!" Ahhhh WTF

Dr Y: We got the results back yesterday and you have Invasive Ductal Carcinoma,  stage II (peanut size, but the tissue around it is pretty large). You are the unlucky "One" out of 200,000 in your age group.
Spreading to other parts of the body

Me: More tears... "what's next?" I don't want to lose my BOOOOooOoooooBBbb.....

Dr Y: Yes I know you don't. I want you to get an MRI done first and schedule you to see an oncologist.

He goes on to describe types of surgery... by this time I'm just freaking out inside. I headed back to my car and cried some more in the garage. Called my mom...

Drove to Amy's house and cried a little bit more. I shouldn't be driving... Stephanie was right I should have had someone come with me, but I DON'T KNOW!?!?


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